This record was inspired by the publication, in 1984 of Haward Birkins’ two volumes on the stained glass of Norfolk and Suffolk, and in 1996, of the book by M Seaborne of the details of the stained glass in Flintshire, followed in 1997, by the book by Paul Sharpling of details of the stained glass in Rutland. This led us to try to perform a similar task for the stained glass in Buckinghamshire. Looking at our predecessors work we resolved to try and record, for each window with stained or etched glass:-

·        The place and the location in the church

·        The number of lights

·        The maker and/or the designer wherever possible

·        The year of installation

·        The maker’s mark, where it exists, and the type of mark if it is defined in the NADFAS marks catalogue

·        The authority for our attribution

·        The subject of the window

·        The dedicatee and the donor

We did feel however, that a serious survey of the stained glass is somewhat deficient without ready access to photographs. We therefore set about photographing every one of these windows, frequently with extra photographs of the details. As a result we now have a record which contains details of over 1000 windows with nearly 2000 photographs. These numbers are increasing from day to day.

Clearly, this research is of limited value, and will appeal only to few. Moreover the publication in book form would be prohibitively expensive. However modern technology has come to our aid, and Michael Robinson has skilfully converted our vast conventional database and library of photographs into web format which can be fitted onto one CD-ROM, with full indexing by place, maker, dedicatee etc.



We are particularly grateful for the help we have had in allowing us to photograph so many windows. We have met with extreme kindness by churchwardens and the incumbents who have allowed us to interrupt their routines by giving access to the churches. We have not been able to choose ideal conditions for photography, still less to move obstacles in front of a window, (or trees outside it) so the quality of some of the prints leaves room for improvement. We also appreciate the many sources of our attributions – all given in good faith. There will be many errors and even more omissions. At the bottom of each page describing a window there is a facility by a single click to open up an addressed e-mail to us from which we would gratefully receive any comments or additional relevant information. The subject of the e-mail is already inserted to tell us which window is the subject of comment.


Monica & Cliff Robinson

01494 875668 or info@BucksStainedGlass.org.uk