Buckinghamshire Stained Glass

Stained glass window 710 in St Mary, Datchet

Maker: O'Connor     Year: *1864

Location: West (N)     Type: 2 lights

Attribution: MH, RE

Dedicatee: John Boykett Jarman *1864     Donor: His eldest daughter

Subject: Fasces & Flail; Lamb of Victory;
Crucifixion with BVM & John; Gethsemane
Ladder, Nails, Pliers; Judith & 30 pieces of silver

Comments: With small mediaeval panels, which may have belonged to dedicatee

Photograph:   d06-38 Larger photograph of stained glass window

Details:   d06-39 Larger photograph of stained glass window  845-18 Larger photograph of stained glass window