Buckinghamshire Stained Glass

Stained glass window 702 in St Laurence, Weston Underwood

Maker: The Glass Works, Luton     Year: *1987

Location: Chancel S (W)     Type: 2 lights

Attribution: Rebecca J Smith

Dedicatee: William Stewart *1987 & wife Phyllis Therese *1946     Donor: Their children John, Jean & David

Subject: The sower; 2 reapers

Comments: Also dedicated to his brothers and sisters, Elspeth *1952, Ann *1953, Marjory *1953, Margaret * 1973, Mary *1915, Hugh *1983, Winifred *1929, Constance *1990, Gerald *1917, Weston *1918, Olive *1972

Photograph:   779-32a Larger photograph of stained glass window

Details:   779-31a Larger photograph of stained glass window  779-30a Larger photograph of stained glass window