Buckinghamshire Stained Glass

Stained glass window 705 in Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Stowe

Maker: Whistler L     and Whistler S     Year: 1973, 1975, 1972

Location: S aisle S     Type: 3 lights

Attribution: CG

Dedicatee: Hon. Mrs Close-Smith, churchwarden (Centre panel)     Donor: People of the Parish of Stowe

Subject: Signature of "Capability" Brown and wife (from marriage register) by Simon Whistler:
House, temples & buildings at Stowe by Laurence Whistler;
Signatures of Simon Whistler & wife (from marriage register)

Comments: Engraved Glass (not stained glass)

Details:   803-6 Larger photograph of stained glass window  803-13 Larger photograph of stained glass window  803-14 Larger photograph of stained glass window  stowe-1621 Larger photograph of stained glass window